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Classical civilization
C C 306M
Todd Curtis

Chapter 11 The Ear Notes Acous/o, audi/o Hearing Aer/o Air or gas Aur/i, ot/o Ear Cerumin/o Wax Salping/o Eustachian tube or uterine tube Tympan/o, myring/o Eardrum -acusis Hearing condition Pinna Little ear [L. feather] Labyrinth Maze Cochlea L. snail Uter L. leather bag Sacculus L. small bag Otalgia Earache Otorrhagia Bleeding from ear Otorrhea Purulent drainage from the ear Tinnitus Jingling; buzzing or ringing in ear Vertigo Turning round; dizziness Implanted air and hearing: Vitruvius and Acoustics:  Empedocles’ Theory (c. 494-432 BC)  Vitruvius, De architectura (1 century  Aristotle and the Ear (384-322 BC) BC)  Aristotle’s influence o Acoustics of theatres o Aer implantatus/aer ingenitus o Bronze Vessels  De Sensu, Cotugno of Naples (1760) Theater, Amphithreatre, and Arena: Bony and Membranous Labyrinths:  Amphi- and ambi-  Labyrinth – Theseus and the Minotaur o Amphibian o Amphitrichous Cochlea (Gr. Koxlos) – shell o Amphicyte Acoust/o – hearing o Ambisinister o Ambisexual -acusis – hearing condition  Presbyacusis = age related hearing loss  Oxyacusis = abnormal sensitivity to Audi/o – hearing/sound sound  Audiometry  Audioanesthesia -acousia – hearing condition  Amblyacousia = loss of hearing Son/o – sound  Anacousia = deaf  Ultrasonic Chapter 11 The Ear Notes  Supersonic  Resonance Myring/o - eardrum  Asonia  Myringotomy Aur/i - ear  Myringomycosis = fungal infection of  Auricle the tympanic membrane  Auriform  Myringa = tympanic membrane  Aural atresia = spectrum of ear deformties Senses and the Brain: o Gr. Atretos – no performation  Sensus communis (koine aesthesis) o Visus o L. meatus – external opening o
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