CMS 306M Chapter Notes - Chapter 16: Thesis Statement, Impromptu Speaking

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10 May 2016
Chapter 16: Art of Impromptu speaking
oImpromptu presentation: a presentation delivered with very little or no time for
advance preparation
Impromptu and the Oral Tradition
oEffective impromptu delivery has always relied on variations of formulas and
Impromptu method
oAny good impromptu speech begins with the formulation of a thesis, or central
Types of impromptu speaking
oDealing with subjects
Subject-based impromptu speech is usually the easiest with which to deal
Given a subject of a general nature, task to establish a central
claim about it
oDealing with objects
Speak on an object
More difficult, at least on surface
oDealing with quotations
Vastly more difficult to attack than simple subjects/objects, require a
different method
First question: what does it mean
Need to define the relationship inherent in the quotation as
clearly as possible
Division of Structure
oMay be structurally divided into more informative or more persuasive formats
Subdivides the major topic into separate categories of thought as they
relate to the major subject
Another strategy for impromptu structuring, separate functions of the
speech operate as one organic entity
Depends on strong thesis statement, identifies problem by broader topic
or illuminated by the quotation
Why it occurs, effects of it, and how we can fix it
Prepare for an impromptu speech
oAfter establishing the central claim, generate examples or supports to help
illustrate ideas
oCan be drawn from anything, provide narrative proof of your ideas
oMake sure you use information you know well, not knowing it can affect your
ethos and logic
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