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Chapter 3

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NTR 306
Deanna Staskel

Highlight >3 Common Digestive Problems Choking Trachea – the air passageway from the larynx to the lungs (or windpipe) Larynx – the entryway to the trachea that contains vocal cords (or voice box) Heimlich maneuver – also called abdominal thrusts  A technique for dislodging an object from the trachea of a choking person  Named after the physician who developed it Each year more than 10,000 children (14 years older or younger) in the US choke, more than half choke on food! Every 5 days, a child in the US chokes to death on food! Vomiting The contents of the stomach are propelled through the esophagus to the mouth and expelled!  Sometimes the muscular contractions will extend beyond the stomach o So it carries the contents of the duodenum (green bile) into the stomach and up the esophagus Vomiting – one of the body’s adaptive mechanisms; drink lots of fluids Bulimia nervosa – self-induced vomiting Diarrhea Diarrhea – frequent loose, watery stools  Indicates that the intestinal contents have moved too quickly through the intestines for fluid absorption to take place o Or water has been drawn from the cells lining the intestinal tract and added to the food residue Irritable Bowel Syndrome One of the most common GI disorders  Frequent or severe abdominal discomfort and a disturbance in the motility of the GI tract  In most cases o GI contractions are stronger and last longer than normal  Forces intestinal contents through quickly  Causing gas, bloating [uncomfortable abdominal fullness or distention] and diarrhea  In some cases o GI contractions are weaker than normal  Slows the passage of intestinal contents  Causing constipation Main cause is unknown, but may be because of certain foods or stressful events in life. Colitis Colitis – inflammation of the large intestines  Suffer from severe diarrhea  Treatment: complete bowl, rest and medication o If still not treated, then surgery to remove the colon and rectum Celiac Disease It’s an autoimmune disease characterized by inflammation of the small intestine that occurs in response to foods that contain gluten [a protein commonly found in wheat, barley, rye and possibly oats]  Damages the villi and decreases nutrient absorption for people with this disease  Symptoms: abdominal pains, bloating, gas, diarrhea  Treatment: gluten-free diet Treatment Treatment for diarrhea depends on cause and severity, but it always begins with DEHYDRATION! Constipation Each person’s GI tract has its own cycle of waste elimination, which depends on:  Owner’s health  Type of food eaten  When the food was eaten  When the person takes time to defecate Symptoms of constipation: Highlight >3  Straining during bowel movements  Hard stools  Infrequent bowel movements  Abdominal discomfort  Headaches  Backaches Common complaining: too busy to respond to defecation! Increase dietary fiber to 20-25 grams per day over the course of a week or two  Found in fruits, vegetables and whole grains o Help prevent constipation by decreasing fecal mass Hemorrhoids – painful swelling of the veins surrounding the rectum Diverticulosis – condition in which the intestinal walls develop bulges in weakened areas, most commonly in the colon  Bulging pockets [diverticula] can worsen constipation, entrap feces Diverticulitis – inflammation of diverticula DRINK PLENTY OF WATER! PHYSICAL ACTIVITY IMPROVES THE MUSTCLE TONE AND MOTILITY OF THE DIGESTIVE TRACT! Dried plums (prunes) are high in fiber and contain a laxative substance. Laxatives – substances that loosen the bowels Mineral oil – a purified liquid derived from petroleum and used to treat constipation  Interferes with the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins Colonic irrigation – internal washing of the large intestine with a powerful enema [solution inserted into the rectum and colon to stimulate a bowel movement and empt
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