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Shelia Hood

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Collection 8/28/13 10:51 AM Collection Collection Users can Collect posts into a printable, sortable format. Collections are a good way to organize posts for quick reading. A Collection must be created to tag posts. More Help Thread: Monday: 8/26/13 Posted Date: August 27, 2013 10:19 AM Post: Monday: 8/26/13 Status: Published Author: Kelly Austin Date: 8/26/13 Based of pages XXVI- xl in textbook Assignment: read xxv-xli in textbook and pages 2&3 #1-20 in workbook The Alphabet and Pronunciation Roman alphabet lacked the letters J and W v stood for both the sound and vowel u (because it was to hard to chip the outline of the u into stone) K is rarely used four vowel sound a,e,i,o,u macrons: the long marks Vowels: two possible pronunciations in latin either long or short long vowels are held twice as long as short ones letter long short a as in father: das, cara as in dinah: dat, casa e as in they: me, sedes as in pet: et,s
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