GEOL 101 Chapter 16: Ch 16

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University of Tennessee - Knoxville
GEOL 101
Paul Giesting

Sunday, April 23, 2017 Ch 16 - headwaters- where stream starts - mouth- where stream ends - downstream- flow direction of a stream from high elevations to lower ones - gradient- steepness; change in elevation for a given horizontal distance • a steeper gradient means the stream drops more over the same horizontal distance - maximum size of sediment- as gradient decreases, this does too - size- combination of width and depth across the channel • cross sectional area- multiplying channels width times its average depth • velocity of water flow increases downstream • volume of water also increases - discharge- volume of water flowing through any part of the river per unit of time • calculated by multiplying water velocity X cross sectional area • lowest= winter • highest= spring - sediment load- total amount of sediment a river is carrying • increases downstream - capacity- what amount of sediment a river is capable of carrying - suspended- floating and drifting - peak discharge- highest value on a plot - perennial stream- stream that flows all year - ephemeral stream- stream that flows intermittently - stream tables- water tanks in a lab 1 Sunday, April 23, 2017 - point bars- bow shaped deposits of sand and gravel that parallel the inside bend of a meander - floodplains- areas adjacent to a stream channel regularly inundated by floodwaters - meander scars- C shaped depressions left behind by meandering rivers - meanders- rivers on gentle plains that flow in typically curved paths - terraces- older, stranded floodplains - bluff- steep slope separating adjacent terraces o
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