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Chapter 13-15

COM 1040 Chapter Notes - Chapter 13-15: Institute For Operations Research And The Management Sciences, Actuate Corporation, Technological DeterminismPremium

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COM 1040
Martha L.Antolik

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Chapter 13
Concurrent media use Use of two or more media systems simultaneously
Technological Determinism Belief that technologies determine social structure, cultural values,
and even how people think (compare with social shaping of technology and social construction
of technology)
Social Construction of Technology Belief that people determine the development of
technology and ultimately determine social structure and cultural value (compare with social
shaping of technology and technological determinism)
Social Shaping of Technology belief that both people and technologies exert influence on
social structure and cultural values (compare with social construction of technology and
technological determination)
Socialization Impact of Media depictions of relationships in media provide models of behavior
that inform people about how to engage in relationships
Media Equation People use the same social rules and expectations when interacting with
technology as they do with other people
Parasocial Relationships relationships established with media characters and personalities
Media Literacy The learned ability to access, interpret, and evaluate media products
Technology and Media Profile A compilation of your technology and media preferences and
general use of technology and media; informs others about who you are as a person or at least the
persona you are trying to project
Relational Technologies such technologies as cellphones, iPods, and PDAs whose use has
relational functions and implications in society and within specific groups
Technology and Media Generations Those differentiated by unique technology grammar and
consciousness based on the technological and media environment in which they are born
Micro coordination The unique management of social interaction made possible through cell
Core Ties People with whom you have a very close relationship and are in frequent contact; a
person often discusses important matters in life with these people and often seeks their assistance
in times of need (compare with significant ties)
Significant Ties people who are more than mere acquaintances but with whom a strong
connection does not exist; a person is not overly likely to talk with these people or seek help
from these people, but they are still there when needed
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