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Chapter 6

PSYC 365 Chapter Notes - Chapter 6: Electrodermal Activity, Autonomic Nervous System, Display Rules

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PSYC 365

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Chapter 6: Gender and Emotion
-Females are stereotyped with being more emotional than males
^Represents White American culture
“Female” emotions consistent with greater emotionality
“Male” emotions associated with dominance
-“Men/boys can only express anger”
-African American women express as much anger as African American men and White men
-Plant et al., 2000 study raters saw women’s anger as less angry than men’s anger (when
viewing ambiguous and unambiguous images of faces)
-Barrett and Bliss-Moreau, 2009 study participants attributed women’s emotions to
dispositional causes (more emotional) and attributed men’s emotions to situational causes
(having a bad day) men’s emotions were judged as being warranted in the situation, but
women’s emotions were judged as being due to their emotional nature
-Emotions are political emotion stereotypes regulate people’s behavior and help preserve the
organization of social groups
-Display rules = a culture’s rules for which emotions can be expressed or displayed
-American culture acceptable to express happiness, but not grief
-Female culture acceptable to express sympathy but not anger
-Male culture acceptable to express anger but not fear
-Measuring emotion
-Physical palms sweat, facial muscle contraction
-Biological blood pressure, heart rate, skin conductance
-Typically measured by self-reports
-Expression verbal expressiveness, visual observations, facial EMG
-Kring and Gordon, 1998 study participants rated sadness, fear, disgust, and happiness after
watching several short videos
-Women more facially expressive for all emotion clips; higher skin conductance to sad
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