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Chapter 13

PSYC 365 Chapter Notes - Chapter 13: Twin, Minority Stress, Mental Disorder

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PSYC 365

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Chapter 13: Lesbian and Bisexual Women
Textbook Notes
Sexual revolution + feminist movement gay liberation movement
-Began June 1969 after homosexuals rioted in Greenwich Village (NY)
No “typical” lesbian
Sexual orientation = a person’s erotic and emotional orientation toward members of her/his own
gender or members of the other gender
-Lesbian = a woman whose erotic and emotional orientation is toward other women
-Bisexual = person whose erotic and emotional orientations are toward both women and
-Sexual minority = umbrella term for all people with nonheterosexual sexual identities
and behaviors
-Queer = reappropriated term to describe all sexual minorities
-Used to be used as an anti-gay insult
-Genderqueer = term for those who do not fit into one of the two strict categories
of male and female
Homophobia = strong, irrational fear of homosexuals
-Antigay prejudice = negative attitudes toward gay men and lesbians; also called sexual
-Tolerance for homosexuality have increased over the past 25 years
-“don’t ask, don’t tell” policy alright to be gay/lesbian as long as one was secretive
about it; came about in a debate between President Clinton and military leaders
-Discrimination of lesbians rearing children
-Illegal for lesbians to adopt in several states
-Lesbianism may be grounds for fathers to have full custody of children
-Meta-analysis of victimization of LGB people (Katz-Wise & Hyde, 2012)
-Substantial numbers had experiences at least one type of victimization
-56% experiences verbal harassment; 28% experienced physical assault
-Sexual orientation microaggressions
-Heterosexist language “That’s so gay”
-Discriminatory belief that heterosexuality is universal compulsory heterosexuality
-Heteronormativity = belief that heterosexuality is the norm
Lesbian Culture
-Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) had strong lesbian community
-2000 census 600,000 same-gender-partner households in the U.S.
-Three sources of lesbian relationship conflict: money, housework, and sex
-No difference in quality of relationship compared to heterosexual couples
-Tend to value equal balance of power in relationships
-Vermont = first state to allow/provide legal civil unions to same-gender couples
Sexual Orientation Development and Fluidity
-Adolescence or early adulthood acquire sense of sexual identity
-Lisa Diamond’s research on sexual orientation defining feature of female sexual
orientation = fluidity (situation-dependent flexibility in women’s sexual responsiveness)
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