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September 10 - Lecture 1: Academic Integrity

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Brock University
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Jon Radue

September 10, 2013 Professor: Jon Radue [email protected] Office: MC J 318 - Piazza - Include student number and 1P50 in subject of email - Lecture slides available on Sakai before lecture - Seminars start the week of September 30 th - Office hour appointments are to be arranged by email - Drop-ins welcome Course Coordinator: John Futers [email protected] Midterm – October 26 at 2pm - One-sided cheat sheet allowed - Must be hand-written Term paper: - Send to [email protected] - Type/format of citations (e.g. APA, MLA, etc.) doesn’t matter as long as it is consistent and done correctly The Web – The first version of the internet; mostly consisted of document reading Web 2.0 – The latest version of the internet; allows users to interact with material Academic Integrity If you take anything off the web, you must include: - The URL you found it at - Date you found it on - Print off of the first page of the website in case it gets taken down More than half of teenagers say they have cheated on a test in the last year About 70% of university students admit to cheating on a test, homework, and assignments 82% of college alumni admit to cheating as undergraduates Students’ Rationale for Plagiarizing - Academic, societal, and family expectations and pressures - Wanting to get a good grade - Desire to excel and pressure to get higher grades - Wanting to get a good job or acceptance to grad school - Stress - Competitive environment - Ignorance, laziness, apathy - Lack of preparation and time management sills Cryptonisia: After reading something so often that it becomes a part of you, and you forget to cite it - Still counts as plagiarism International students often get pegged with acts of plagiarism - Lack of confidence/self worth - They lack awareness of citation standards - Lack of awareness of plagiarism - Plagiarism is a Western concept o Some cultures embrace the use of other people’s work - Language barriers - Lack of subject knowledge W
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