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Lecture 21

BIOL 1F90 Lecture 21: Chapter 21 - An Introduction Into Evolution

Biological Sciences
Course Code
Fiona Hunter

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An Introducon Into Evoluon
Key terms
oAdapt - make t
oAnalogous - showing similarity of funcon but dierent origins
oHomologous - similar in posion, structure, and evoluonary origin but not necessarily
in funcon
oBio - life or related to living
oEvoluon - change
oGeo - earth
oHomo - likeness; resemblance; similarity
oOrtho - straight
oPara - beside; next to
Learning outcomes
oDene biological evoluon
oDescribe the factors that led Darwin to his theory of evoluon by natural selecon
oExplain the process of natural selecon
oSummarize 5 dierent types of evidence for evoluonary change
oKnow the dierence between homologous and analogous traits
oGroup of related organisms that share a disncve form
oAmong species that reproduce sexually, members of the same species are capable of
interbreeding to produce viable and ferle ospring
A group of organisms belonging to the same biological species if they are
(actually or potenally) capable of interbreeding to produce ferle ospring
oMid to late 1600's John Ray was the rst to carry out a thorough study of the natural
Developed an early classicaon system
Modern species concept
oExtended by Carolus Linnaeus
oNeither proposed that evoluonary change promotes the formaon of new species
oLate 1700's; small number of European scienst suggest life forms are not xed
oGeorge Buon says life forms change over me
oJean-Bapste Lamarck realized that some animal remain the same while others change
Believed living things evolved upward toward human "perfecon"
Lamarck spoke about the inheritance of acquired characteriscs - crics talked
about giraes when they talked about them

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