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Lecture 5

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Child and Youth Studies
Rebecca Raby

Week 5: Children and Youth as Producers & Consumers Assignment - Section 4 can be the conclusion - Thesis -> basically already given to us o Based on what you write for question #4 - 2 academic sources - Section A - Sub headings Main Points: - Idealized childhood is complicated by processes of production (work) and consumption - There are diverse and culturally specific distinctions between what is considered acceptable and unacceptable work for children - Children and consumers, and childhood itself is commodified CHILDREN & WORK - Work children can do: o Paper routes o Chores - Work children cannot do: o Soldiers o Factory jobs A) Childhood outside market relations – review - public/private spheres - innocent childhood - other discourses of childhood B) Acceptable child work? - As becoming o Link to training o Link to rite of passage o When is work educational and when is it exploitive? - As vital contribution o Domestic labour o Labour within families o Paid work o Child as being? C) Exploitation? - Like to innocence, protection and becoming Legislated Provincially - Minimum ages Week 5: Children and Youth as Producers & Consumers o Different ages in different provinces o BC AB – 12 -> note from parents o Manitoba – 16 years - Cannot work in a mine under 18 years of age - Protecting education o School up to 18 in ON - Conditions of work - Protecting development - Agriculture as an exception Within UN CRC - Article 28 – right to education “Worst Case” Labour - Hazardous work -> chemicals, tobacco pickers, soldiering - Soldiering o Article 38.2 & 38.3 o Initiating in soldiering -> killing someone you know - Clip – Ismael Beah o No one is born violent, situations people are forced into o Lose everything that is dead to you  Include cultural norms o Fear for your life; trying to stay alive - Prostitution o Article 34 Challenges to addressing worst case labour - How old is a child? - Not always prioritized
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