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Lecture 3

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Brock University
Child and Youth Studies
Rebecca Raby

Child and Youth Studies CHYS 1F90 Child and Youth Studies CHYS 1F90 Dr J McNamaraDr J McNamaraFallWinter 2011FallWinter 2011ConceptionConception Fathers spermMothers ovumZygote with 46 chromosomes in total 23 from each parentMitosisMitosisMitosis begins after fertilization First 714 days it can survive on its ownThe process by which a cell separates chromosomes in its nucleus into two identical cellsThe ChromosomesThe ChromosomesEach chromosome contains genesSections of chromosomesMade up of DNAThe chemical code for developmentWhy Not 50 mom50 dadWhy Not 50 mom50 dadMeiosisCrossingOverMeiosisCrossingOverChromosomes within sperm cells divide in half before they fertilize an ovum or egg cellChromosomes with egg cells divide in half before they are fertilizedThe splitting is randomThe randomness creates variation in the resulting embryoThis complicated process is call MeiosisMale or FemaleMale or Femalerd23 pair of chromosomesMales have X and YFemales have X and XSex of child determined by fathers sperm Male or FemaleMale or FemalerdNote 23 chromosomeWhat Do Genes DoWhat Do Genes DoDirect production of amino acids necessary for forming new cellsGuide cells to develop different parts of bodyRegulate pace and timing of developmentMay turn on or turn off other genesImpacted by environmental factorsGene ExpressionGene ExpressionAlleles influence many characteristicsOne pair of genesOne member from mother one from fatherCCCC
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