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Child and Youth Studies
John Mc Namara

October 23 2012 Community Service Learning Youth engagement and leadership; - How to get youth involved at a young age. - Craig Kiel burger- turned his interest in helping youth into something to help himself and people all over the world - Engaging with youth- community involvement, supporting children and youth - How does one develop the initiative- in the helpers and the people getting helped. Psychology of youth development: - Surveyed youth on 16,000 random moments of daily experience - 4300 (27%) of the moments were ‘feeling bored’ - “There’s nothing to do” - “Algebra sucks” - “I’m always bored on Sunday” - Etc. How does initiative develop: are leaders born? - IQ - Temperament - Environment 3 factors: - Intrinsic motivation; wanting to be doing ad activity and invested in it - Concerted engagement in the environment a ‘real’ environment that characterized external reality - Over time sticking to it Graph of 16000 random events; very low intrinsic motivation and concentration is ‘ok’- people have to be concentrated in order to do well Children are very intrinsically motivated with their friends School environment is not conducive to the development of initiative - Not critical of schools- constraints on teachers - Standardized testing - The race to the top - Etc. Ad based on rising math scores- there is a pressure to keep marks up; this is to compete with other countries that are excelling. Children get pressure to do well all the time. Sports is usually voluntarily- very intrinsically motivated and it is very concentrated; that could be a way to conform curriculum Crafts and organizations- high on both ends Research on initiative Grade 9 students survey during structured volunteer experience “I feel really strong, like I cou
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