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Lecture 11

CHYS 2P38 Lecture 11: CHYS 2P38- Mar 27

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Brock University
Child and Youth Studies
Thomas O' Neill

1. CHYS 2P38- Which Way Home Video March 27, 2017 Background to the Movie Wetback: pejorative term for economic immigrants coming from Mexico to US Mexican migration began after WWI but was initially opposed by the Mexican government WW2 “bracero” program brought legal migrants to the US Operation Wetback began in 1954 to half illegal migration Honduras and Guatemala dominated by United Fruit Honduras has the highest murder rate, Guatemala is recovering from civil war and US domination Main characters: Kevin (Honduran), Fito (Honduran), Yurico (Mexican, “the dog”), Jairo (Mexican), Juan Carlos (Guatemalen), Olga (Honduran) and Freddy (brother and sister), Jose (El Salvadorian?), Eloy (Mexican), Rosario (Mexican) Despite the vulnerabilities they experiences, why do these children want to go to the US? Review  Family as a site for social reproduction - Provides necessities for the reproduction of life, both material and cultural  Wells- migration of children and parents in the context of a general crisis in social reproduction Movie Notes  Mexican freight trains used by migrants to travel to the US (travelling on roofs)  Trains prohibit this  Thousands of people do it, making their rule difficult to enforce  Kids had to leave families behind to get on the trains  Want to go to the US to be adopted and start their life in a new country, or to work and send money back to their families  Trust in God to help them cross the border  Have to ask strangers for free food during their travels to the border  Child migrants detained in Mexico are taken to a detention centre  Guatemalan consuls conduct interviews to determine status  Juan Carlos- feels he has a duty to leave him home to help his single mom and siblings, left home to work in LA  Smugglers leave the children behind if they are a burden (injury, fainted from fractured arm)  Kids have bee
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