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Child and Youth Studies
Patricia Kirkpatrick

3P15, Jan 8, Lecture 1 Quantitative Research Methods in Child and Youth Studies Discussion of the Course • Syllabus & Resources • Text, CD; *textbooks* o Syllabus on Sakai o Lecture notes on Sakai by Tuesday night o Lab assignment posted after lecture – don’t start until lab • *You must bring textbook to lecture; we will use it for practice activities. * You probably also want a pen/pencil and paper. • *You must bring textbook to lab; it will be used for assignments.* • Other issues o Technology o Break? o Anything else? Haan: An Introduction to Statistics for Canadian Social Scientists • Why should I want to learn statistics? • Chapter 1 Why is it important to understand and be able to use statistics? • Allows you to understand statistics used in: o Research articles o Presentations o Government or organization reports o Media reports • Allows you to evaluate claims based on such statistics • Allows you to converse with others • Allows you to conduct your own research, and investigate questions that are of interest to you Teaching and Learning Statistics • Statistics can be difficult at times, but they can also be interesting, satisfying, and even fun! • Prof. Kirkpatrick’s riding coach • Some advice re: learning statistics o Read slowly and carefully; give the reading your full attention o Attend all lectures and seminars o Practice! o Seek help early, if you need it o By the end of the course, you should be able to understand and use basic statistics o *You are very capable of doing well in this course!* Haan: An Introduction to Statistics for Canadian Social Scientists • Basic Math • Chapter 2 Definitions • What is/are statistics? o The science of collecting, displaying, and analyzing numerical data. • What are data? o The plural of datum. o Collections of numbers about a particular topic or set of topics. o Examples include age, sex, income, etc. What is/are statistics, revisited • In addition to being the science of collecting, displaying, and analyzing data, it is also the art of postulating relationships, and the science of identifying, assessing, and specifying the nature of these relationships. How do we collect, display, and analyze data? • This depends on the particular statistic that we’re using • Being aware of different statistics options will help you determine the design of your study, and the type of data that you need to collect; conversely, the type of data that you have will determine the statistics you can use • You can display and analyze data by hand, by using tools in word-processing processing programs, or by using statistics software such as SPSS What do data look like (in SPSS)? BEDMAS • Brackets • Exponents • Division • Multiplication • Addition • Subtraction BEDMAS: Addition and Subtraction • 10+15=25 • 10+15-5=20 • 10 – (-2)=12 • (10+15)-5=20 • (10-15)-2=-7 BEDMAS: Multiplication and Division • 10 * 15 =150 • 10 * 15 -5 =145 • 10 * (15 -5) =100 • 10 * 15 – 15/5 =147 • 10/5 * 15 – 5 = 25 Exponents and Roots 2 • 3 = 9 • 5 = 25 • 5 = 125 • √9 = 3 • √100 = 10 Decimals • 1/10 = 0.1 • 1/100 = 0.01 • 5 / 100 = 0.05 • 0.01 < 0.05 (use < or >) • 0.05 > 0.01 (use < or >) Rounding; round to two decimals places  0.012 rounds to 0.01  0.019 rounds to 0.02 What do you need to learn statistics? • A knowledge of o The math covered in today’s class / Chapter 2 (see note on last slide, though) o Statistical theory. o An understanding of statistical techniques. o A computer with an appropriate statistical program (Excel, SAS, SPSS, STATA,
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