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Child and Youth Studies
Voula Marinos

CHYS 3P40 September 82011Think about this 1 Where did your image of a young offender come from a News b Media c How crime is portrayed through TV shows d Race as a depiction of type of offenders 2 Do you know a young offender 3 Were you a young offender 4 Were you involved in the youth justice system 5 Do you think your image will change after taking this course 8090 of people in this class have engaged in some type of behavior that could be considered criminal o However very few are actually caught in the processIntroductionCritically analyze youth crime and young offenders from a multidisciplinary approachGoal understand complex social factors affecting youth crime and to think about it criticallyOpen dialogue about assumptionsYouth crime and young offenders are two separate but related conceptsYouth crime is dependent on a response by the justice systemOfficial rate of crime compared to unofficial rate of crimeThese two are very differentYouth crime must be unpacked to see the differencesCritical thoughtNot necessarily negativeThinking about assumptions made o Dont take crime facts for granted o Think about assumptions being made about youth and crime why is it different than adult o Assume behavior is complex controversial and contestedAsk the right questions to get the right answersShould we ask What factors within the individual cause them to engage in crimeOr What factors in societyenvironment cause them to engage in crimeOr Are there causes of crimeIssues o Is there one cause of crime or multiple o Are there causes or factors o Associations may be a better descriptionJust because you have X does not mean you will have Y but you may have YMicro factors within individual including
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