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Lecture 5

CHYS 1F90 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Ambivalence, Direct Marketing, Disposable And Discretionary Income

Child and Youth Studies
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Rebecca Raby

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Week 5: Children and Youth as Producers & Consumers
- Section 4 can be the conclusion
- Thesis -> basically already given to us
o Based on what you write for question #4
- 2 academic sources
- Section A
- Sub headings
Main Points:
- Idealized childhood is complicated by processes of production (work) and consumption
- There are diverse and culturally specific distinctions between what is considered acceptable and
unacceptable work for children
- Children and consumers, and childhood itself is commodified
- Work children can do:
o Paper routes
o Chores
- Work children cannot do:
o Soldiers
o Factory jobs
A) Childhood outside market relations review
- public/private spheres
- innocent childhood
- other discourses of childhood
B) Acceptable child work?
- As becoming
o Link to training
o Link to rite of passage
o When is work educational and when is it exploitive?
- As vital contribution
o Domestic labour
o Labour within families
o Paid work
o Child as being?
C) Exploitation?
- Like to innocence, protection and becoming
Legislated Provincially
- Minimum ages
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