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Lecture 8

CHYS 1F90 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Hidden Curriculum, Cultural Capital, Social Capital

Child and Youth Studies
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Rebecca Raby

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Lecture 8: Racialization and Education
Exam: everything from week 6 on is fair gain
Terms from all year may be in the exam
Week 11/12 -> terms considered to be examinable
- Schools both challenge, and contribute to inequality
- Culture, ethnicity, and race are distinct and shifting terms
- Young people’s lives are shaped by culture, ethnicity and race, sometimes with difficult consent
PART A: Schooling
A) Schools and equality
o Skill development and credentials
o Encountering diversity
B) Socialization and society
o Reproducing culture
o Hidden curriculum
C) Schools and inequality
o Social reproduction theory: Bowles and Gintis (1976) Schooling in Capitalist America
Shattering ideology as schools as equal
o Via preparing students for certain kinds of work
E.g. Barman, Jean “Schooled for Inequality: The Education of British Columbia
Aboriginal Children”
E.g. military recruiting in US inner city schools
o And sorting procedures
E.g. Jenny Oakes (1985) Keeping Track: How Schools Structure Inequality
Remediation -> bad teachers/curriculum , etc.
o Lower quality even though it is supposed to help them
E.g. Angela Valenzuela (2009) “Subtractive schooling, caring relations, and social
capital in the schooling of US Mexican youth”
Unequal Resources
- Exacerbated by inequality and underfunding
- Cultural capital
o Class is linked to a certain type of being
o Habitas a way of being within that culture, makes it comfortable
o How you learn that habitas, and learn to embrace and be successful, what is valuable
o The inequality comes into play because most of the institutions reflect middle class
values and reward middle class
- Schools values are whose values?
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