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Lecture 5

CHYS 3P60 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Applied Behavior Analysis, Facilitated Communication, Antiscience

Child and Youth Studies
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Tricia Vause

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CHYS 3P60 Lecture 5
Treatments for ASD Examining The Science Evidence
Some examples:
Drug treatments
Dolphin therapy
Applied behaviour analysis
Drum therapy
Facilitated communication
What is science
Four things science relies on:
Direct objective observation and measurement of phenomena
Systematic arrangement of events
Testing the possibility that imitating the child’s
vocalizations will increase the child’s rate of vocalizing
Baseline adult present; does nothingtreatment adult
present; imitates vocalizations
Procedure to rule out alternative explanations for what is observed
Any other factors that could be a$ecting outcomes,
independent assessors can be used (lead to bias because they
could give lower scores)
Repeated demonstrations by individuals working independently of
one another
What is not science?
Pseudoscience (dressed up to look like science)
Anti-science (rejecting science, works but isn't measurable for the
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