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COMM 1P96 Lecture 4

Communication Studies
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Amanda Bishop

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September 27, 2011
Lecture 4
Interpersonal Communication
Trenholme’s Patterns
-person prototypes - the looks we associate with people
-Personal constructs - values and assessments that we put on behaviors and personal
assessments. We think everyone agrees with us
-Scripts - things we expect to play out when we meet someone (p98)
Expectations and boundaries
No trust/ disclosure
Reasonable amount of trust/ disclosure
High level of communication and trust
Relationships with Colleagues are often affected by:
Behaving Ethically
-Trust one another
-Treat others with respect
-Recognize the values of each individual
-Keep your word
-Tell the truth
-Act with integrity
-Be open to change
-Risk failing in order to get better
-Learn, try new ideas
*Bottom of page 102 NCA credo
Strategic message concepts
-Equity *p 104 sources of inequity
-Self disclosure and risk taking p 106 - your disclosures, responding to disclosures
-Feedback - direct it at a behavior not a person
-Giving feedback:
-Own your message
-Don’t apologize for your opinion
-Make the message specific
-Verbal and nonverbal messages should support each other
-Avoid giving feedback unless asked
-Dialects and dialogue - interaction between opposing forces of dialect
-Sources of relational dialect
-Autonomy - togetherness dialect
-Novelty - predictability dialect
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