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Lecture 1

COMM 1P96 Lecture 1: Comm 1F90 Lecture 1 term2.docx

Communication Studies
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Amanda Bishop

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Comm 1F90 Lecture 1/2
Review Main Topics: term 1
media and communication studies are interdisciplinary
communication history:oral, literate, electronic, digital
mass media: content, audiences, institutions
media’s social power: ideology, discourse, hegemony
semiotic methodL analyzing media content to locate meaning and ideology
Preview Main Topics: term 2
media content: stories, genre, narrative
narrative and discourse in news content (news analysis, Jan 15)
media representation and power: sexuality/gender, race/ethnicity)
communication history: future of media institutions, digital and global media
human communication: interpersonal, group and organizational communication
(NO CH. 14)
Power of Stories
we often think of stories as fiction or fantasy in dramatic forms
but ALL media content: including documentary, reality Tv, news and journalism
are in the form of stories
media stories built upon peoples interaction with each other and the world around
What are narrative and genre?
narrative: a sequence of events taking place over a given period of time, linked
through cause and effect
genre: groups or types of stories sharing common aspects such as content,
narrative structure and style
narrative and genre theory first applied to literature, later to film and tv programs
Genres vs. Auteurs
focus on genre departed from auteur theory which emphasized intentions of
authors or creators
in film studies, auteur theory privileged the director as the sole creator of
Elements of Genre
in genre analysis meaning intertextual, not only created by authors
interpretation of any one text depends on our knowledge of previous texts
audiences create meanings for media based on prior experience of similar texts
and of other media forms
Examples of popular genres
- what is the most recent example of a film you've seen and what genre is it?
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