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Brock University
Vera Woloshyn

Reading and Literacy Development Education 3P45 Lecture 1 – 10/09/2012 Dr. Vera E. Woloshyn What is Literacy? Six Strands of Language Arts: - Listening - Speaking - Reading - Writing - Viewing - Visually Representing What is Reading? Reading is… - Decoding & Comprehension o Graphophonic o Syntatic o Semantic o Schematic - Strategic: knowing how to read for what circumstances - Metacognitive: knowing what to use when - Writing: writing is reading…changing language (think LOL becoming a known word) - Social Process: Different people leading you into reading different things due to the social exposure; you get different things out of reading a book by yourself then when you read with other people The Four Cueing Systems of Reading: - They interact - Does it make sense? In what context? (Think Evolution in a Christian school…) What is reading? - Nathan: Reading is something to help you learn words. - Joshua: Reading is fun. It’s like telling a story. - What do we think? o Do they have the same understanding?  Nathan seems to be at a lower level because he is focused on learning  Josh seems to be focused on enjoying reading Is reading sounding out words or something else? - Nathan: Sounding them out. - Joshua: Its understanding what it means. - What do we think? o Nathan is at the decoding level Reading and Literacy Development Education 3P45 Lecture 1 – 10/09/2012 Dr. Vera E. Woloshyn You have to understand stuff. Is reading like listening? - Nathan: No, it’s not. - Joshua: Yes, because sometimes its like someone is telling you a story … a whole world you have to learn... I feel like you have to be a detective or something. What do you do when you are reading? - Nathan: I just read. Pronounce the words. - Joshua: I like to pretend I’m telling the story, because its helps me understand and remember it better. “It doesn’t matter what you do to me or what you say to me. Don’t you get it? It’s not the fucking book. It’s me. I’m just too dumb.” Becoming a reader shapes who we are, how we see the world, and how we see ourselves in this world. Are Canadian Students Literate? PISA Are Canadian students Literate? - PISA: Program for International Student Achievement Reading Literacy: - An individual’s capacity to: understand, use, reflect on and engage with written texts, in order to achieve one’s goals, to develop one’s knowledge and potential, and to participate in society. PISA 2009: - 65 countries and economies participated in PISA 2009, including all 33 OECD countries - Between 5,000 and 10,000 students
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