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Jenny Janke

Part 4 He drives back to her place and finds her car and flowers inside her car there. He goes to see Midge now. He asks her who she knows that’s an authority on San Francisco authority? The Bohemian days. She says Pop Liebel who owns the Argosy Bookshop. Pop tells them that the hotel was built for her many years ago by a rich powerful man. She came from somewhere small to the south of the city. She was very young, dancing and singing cabaret- the powerful man took her and built her a big house and there was a child. He then threw her away, he had no other children, and his wife had no other children. He kept the child and threw her away. She became the sad Carlotta, walking the streets alone, in the house alone. Then she became the mad Carlotta- stopping people in the street asking “where’s my child?” She died at her own hand. Midge begs Scottie to tell her why he wanted to know, but he doesn’t. Midge asks Scottie if Madeline is pretty, and he says yes. She says she’ll go take another look at that portrait. Gavin says Madeline inherited jewellery that belonged to Carlotta, she puts them on and stares into the mirror and goes into a different world. She was her great grandmother. Gavin tells Scottie Madeline knows nothing about this stuff. Her mother told Gavin before she died. She told Madeline she just had a crazy grandmother who took her life. He follows her to the museum and then the San Francisco bay where she’s throwing those flowers in one by one. Part 5 She jumps in the water and Scottie saves her. He takes her back to his place. She’s sleeping, the phone rings. She wakes up in his bed naked because he was drying her wet clothes; he gives her a red robe. She asks him what she’s doing there, what happened? He tells her, and then tells her to come over by the fire. She thanks him and he asks her if she remembers, she said she felt dizzy, she was at one of her favourite spots where she watches the sunset. She asks him what he was doing there, he says wandering. And what he was doing before, tells her he was at the art museum. She says sh
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