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Lecture 7

ENGL 1F91 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Philip Larkin, The Sun Rising, Theocentricism

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Tuesday, October 4th 2011
Lecture 7
The Sun Rising - John Donne (606)
-lovers seasons
-sun’s natural seasons
-play refers to imitation
-we are not imitating the world, the world out there is imitating us.
-metaphysical paradox: this is the centre of the universe and your orbit is no bigger than
the walls of this rom
Aubade - Philip Larkin (2716)
-light around edge of flame becoming closer
-supposed to be about love given and received
-link meaning sex, sexual congress, hug
-raising the word love and then crossing it out
-Aubade about the lack of love present
-Hamlet is all over this poem
-echos occurring
-reaching back and pulling tradition forward
The Medieval Period
Latin medius , middle + aevum , age: The Middle Ages
1.) Classical period: to the Fall of the Roman Empire (476 AD)
2.) Medieval period: from Fall to end of 15th century
3.) Modern period: 15th century to the present
Three Periods in the Development of the English Language
1.) Old English (Anglo-Saxon)
-5th century- 1100 AD
-e.g., Beowulf
2.) Middle English
-1100-1500 AD
-e.g., Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales
-e.g., Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
3.) Modern English
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