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Lecture 11

ENGL 1F91 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Cupid

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Barbara Seeber

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Eng – December 4
- Pg. 2701, line 9
oBeauty will fade as you age
oClarissa is saying you can’t put all your hope in your looks as it will not last
oClarissa embodies the voice of reason
oBelinda’s makeup table, bible is sitting beside her makeup. No distinction being
made in regards to importance between bible and makeup
oClarissa is suggesting that women are valued for beauty, but saying women
contribute to that by focusing on their looks (women create their own stereotypes)
oWhat Clarissa is actually preaching is submissiveness, due to Belinda’s response
of tragedy (Clarissa is stating it really doesn’t matter, no need to be angry)
o“if you speak against a man, you will die alone” – line 27-28
oBelinda shouldn’t make a fuss; she should be honoured that the Baron is giving
her attention
oIssue of consent and choice (her hair is raped)
oBelinda is refusing to become a mistress to one man, she is free in regards to
Belinda withholds from men
Unattainable object
Women were more free alone, when they had a husband they no longer
were allowed to own their own land
What does her applying blush symbolize? She is a tease, or trying to
maintain her own power and living as she pleases (attempting to hold on
to her own autonomy)
o Clarissa plays an important role in the cut of the lock, as she supply’s the scissors
(assist in the rape)
oCanto 3, line 126 – why does the author have her participate?
Similar to Othello, with the handkerchief situation
Thinks she’s helping Belinda become faithful to one man so she doesn’t
die alone (cupid)
Satire theme (mirror in which everyone wants to see others but not
Clarissa has feelings for the Baron, she is the lady assisting her knight
By helping the guy she likes, she may win in the end
She is jealous of Belinda!!
Motivated by own passion, blinded by love
Is she sincere in her idea of beauty or is she trying to put Belinda
Baron is a collector of trophies from other women (gloves, hair)
oCanto 5, Clarissa’s speech
She’s trying to get the audiences attention, by turning herself into a visual
spectacle (does so, by attacking Belinda)
Clarissa is hypocritical
Handing over the scissors, is private and hidden from Belinda
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