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Neta Gordon

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Literary Terminology for fall termAlliteration apostrophe assonance auditor silent Bildungsroman cacophony caesura characterization climax crisis closed form comedic mode consonance conventions couplet dnouementresolution diction dramatic irony dramatic monologue enjambment euphony explication exposition falling action frame tale free verseopen form Freytags pyramid firstperson narrator genre Gothic ground hyperboleoverstatement iambic pentameter irony ironic mode limited point of view lyric metaphor metre metonymy mode narrative narrator octave omniscient point of view onomatopoeia paradox personification plot point of view protagonist punplay on words rising action rhyme rhythm romance romance mode sarcasm sestet setting simile sonnet English and Petrarchan speaker stanza story structural irony symbol tenor theme thirdperson narrator tone tragedy tragic mode understatement vehicle verbal irony volta
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