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ENGL 1F95 Lecture Notes - Irony, Dramatic Monologue, Phonaesthetics

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Neta Gordon

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Literary Terminology for fall term
Alliteration, apostrophe, assonance, auditor (silent),
Bildungsroman, cacophony, caesura, characterization, climax/
crisis, closed form, comedic mode, consonance, conventions,
couplet, dénouement/resolution, diction, dramatic irony,
dramatic monologue, enjambment, euphony, explication,
exposition, falling action, frame tale, free verse/open form,
Freytags pyramid, first-person narrator, genre, Gothic,
ground, hyperbole/overstatement, iambic pentameter, irony,
ironic mode, limited point of view, lyric, metaphor, metre,
metonymy, mode, narrative, narrator, octave, omniscient
point of view, onomatopoeia, paradox, personification, plot,
point of view, protagonist, pun/play on words, rising action,
rhyme, rhythm, romance/ romance mode, sarcasm, sestet,
setting, simile, sonnet (English and Petrarchan), speaker,
stanza, story, structural irony, symbol, tenor, theme, third-
person narrator, tone, tragedy/ tragic mode, understatement,
vehicle, verbal irony, volta

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Levels of Reading
1) Evaluation (Do I like the text? How does
it make me feel? Is it coherent?)
2) Interpretation (What is the text about?
Can I paraphrase the texts content?
What themes or issues does the text
seem to gesture toward?)
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