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Lecture 5

ERSC 3P07 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Senescence, Normalized Difference Vegetation Index, Photosynthesis

Earth Sciences
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Marilyne Jollineau

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Lecture 5: Transformations of image data part II
Image Transformations
Spectral Transformations: used to modify pixel brightness values based solely on each
pixel’s value (AKA: a point operator).
Spatial Transformations: used to modify a pixel’s brightness value based on the values of
the surrounding (neighbourhood) pixels (AKA: a local operator).
Spectral Transformations
Spectral transforms alter spectral (or feature) space and ignore spatial information.
Examples: multispectral indices and image classification
Multispectral Feature Space
Mapping & Monitoring Vegetation
Ecosystem, regional, and global scales
oCrop yield, biomass amount, primary productivity, canopy closure, leaf area index (LAI)
oSpecies identification
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