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Lecture 19

FILM 1F94 Lecture Notes - Lecture 19: Direct Cinema

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Peter Lester

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March 21, 2016
Week #12: Documentary Film—The Thin Blue Line
Final Exam—Marks Divisions
-Exam is going to out of 50
Section A: Multiple Choice - 10 x 0.5 = 5
Section B: Short Answer - 5 of 7 = 5
Section C: Long Answer - 4 of 6 = 20
Section D: Essay Question - 1 = 20
-Exam content will come from themes of the week
Week 1—Gender and Genre—Mildred Pierce
Week 2—Gender and Genre—Halloween
Week 3—Gender,Class, and Cinema—Fish Tank
Week 4—Race and Cinema—Do The Right Thing
Week 5—Concepts of the National—City of God
Week 6—Canadian Cinema—The Sweet Hereafter
Week 7—Canadian Cinema—Incendies
Week 8—Transnational Cinema—Persepolis
Week 9—Animated Film—Spirited Away
Week 10—Documentary Film—Nanook of the North
Week 11 —Documentary Film—Chronique de un été
Week 12 —Documentary Film—The Thin Blue Line
-Exam—understand this terms
Direct Cinema vs Cinema Verite
‘Fly on the Wall’ vs. ‘Fly in the Soup’
Observational vs. Interactive/ Participatory
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