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Getting Started: A Sense of History (Lecture 1)

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Andrew Mc Donald

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Thursday September 8th, 2011
HIST 1F90: Empires & Revolutions: Getting Started: A sense of
Dr. McDonald (1), Dr. Ojo(2), Dr. Vlossak(3), and Dr. Neswald (4)
Medieval Europe (Module 1)
African History and Slavery (Module 2)
1415 was when the prince from Portugal with a group of friends and began to sail to
Africa with some friends. Europeans were having trouble with Muslims over the sea.
Europeans were searching for an alternate route on how to get to India and China
without going across the Muslim wall. How does this context transform Africa? How did
this traveling revolutionize Africa. Africans were often used as slaves.
German Empire (Module 3)
-founded in 1871
-new state coming into being at same time as other European powers were already in
-how germany developed from 1871 and german history from its founding until
- How do slave traits change the nature of Africa? (Module 2)
Science and Technology in British Empire (Module 4)
- how tech enabled the expansion of the british empire
-provide foundation for 19th century history
-social and political history
What is history?
-greek work historia = inquiries
-Herodotus ‘the father of history’’ (d. ca. 425 BC.)
-a PROCESS of asking questions from historical evidence
-critical analysis
-historian as detective
-more in coming weeks
ca. or c. = circa = around; used when we do not know a precise date.
Historical Evidence (Sources)
-the job of the historian begins with sources - documents from past times
-where there is no writing, there is no ‘history’
-the ‘horizons’ of history
-historical evidence - principally written
-many, many forms
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