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1.aftermath of seven years war 2.british activism in the colonies 3.the townshend duties 4.revolt in boston 5.the intolerable acts 6.terms: patrick henry; james otis; samuel adams, sons of liberty, continental congress Aftermath of the Seven years War • complain of military ineptitude of the colonists • crown believes primary beneficiaries of the war were colonists who gained so much territory therefore they should pay off war debt • bitter that colonists continues to trade with french sugar islands during war • crown argued war originated with boundary disputes with natives therefore establish permanent settlement of land issue with proclamation line of 1763 British Activism • to pay off war debt, instate a series of laws to raise revenues form the colonies • sugar act (1746) prohibits trade with french, dutch and spanish west indies and violators will be prosecuted in british military courts not colonial courts • currency act (1746) prohibits colony from issuing paper money Legislative Acts • Quartering Act (1765) Colonists have to provide shelter and supplies for british troops • stamp act (1765) imposed a tax on all printed documents in the colonies • by 1765, british were collecting 10x the annual revenue from the colonies only two years earlier The Stamp Act • of all the legislative acts it was the stamp act which raised the most protest • patrick henry argued in Virginia that colonies could only be taxed by their own representatives • james otis in Massachusetts argues that colonies need to assemble together to force repeal of stamp act Popular Protest • Oct. 1765 stamp act congress meets in new york and petitions king for repeal noting “no taxation without representation” argue for boycott of british goods • mob actions of protest in boston organized by sons of liberty in which they burn stamps and tar and feather stamp collectors • march 18, 1766 stamp act is repealed by british government colonist have won an important victory The Townshend duties • british chancellor of the exchange charles townshend proposes response to stamp act congress • disband new york a
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