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HIST 1F96 Winter Lecture 2

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Tami Friedman

January 16 2012 HIST Winter Lecture 2 Slavery and race in the nineteenth century y Slavery the basics y Change and continuity in slave societies y Surviving slavery y The ongoing struggle over emancipation y The continuing significance of race y Nothing but freedom Slavery the basics Forms of unfree labour Indentured servitudeprimarily white Europeans signed a contract that bound them to work for someone for a 47 year period this person would be fed housed clothed and when released from contract would get land and clothing Debt peonagea system that governed the labour that was employed by colonial land owners who used peonage to keep native people bound to the land worker was tied to a particular place because to debt owed to that master not the masters property but you cannot leaveSlaveryrepresented people in the forms of wealth value of slaves is how one counts wealthworked on plantations to make master wealthier Slavery was a lifetime condition inherited by the mother Some countries had laws were in place that guaranteed the safety of slavesfood shelter care There was a difference between what the law said and what actually occurred Slavery rested on violence and torture Slavery was also a racial systemwhite Europeans were not enslaved Most slaves were African or of African descentremained principle slave force until slavery was abolishedThere was a difference between being black and being a slavepeople feared blacks whether they were slaves or notChange and continuity in slave societies The American Revolution Why emancipation y Ideals of liberty y British promise of freedom half a million slaves found in what was to become United States slaves found in tobacco plantations rice plantations in Georgia and South Carolina slavery in Northern parts of US New York New England
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