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Lecture 6

HLSC 1F90 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Malaria

Health Sciences
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Lawrance Kelli- An

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Week 6 Research Reading: Climate Variability, Global Change,
Immunity, and the dynamics of infectious diseases
-Single pathogen infecting a single host
Confounder: something that is not observed or taken into account
that changes the outcome- related to what you’re studying but don’t
take into consideration
What should we do to limit the confounders? The artic because
there is no pesticides, no contact
R-not: how quickly it will spread
Why are the pathogen models weak? If the climate is favourable
the pathogen will spread there but that isn’t always the case
Eliminate sleeping sickness- people will farm with that land- may be to
poor to sustain anything and may support another pathogen that can
be worse (eliminating one can cause another one to come into play)
Malaria 2 things:
1. It’s a changing disease not always the same (strain diversity)
Heard immunity: if everyone is immune or vaccinated around u then u
wont get it- the heard will be protected
When is heard immunity low- when the duration of immunity is short
Dilution eect: waste bitter dead end hosts absorb transmission
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