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Intrinsic Muscles of the Larynx

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Richard Welland

Wed, Oct 31 Intrinsic Muscles Lateral Cricoarytenoid Muscle  Origin at upper border of arch of cricoid cartilage  Insertion into muscular process of arytenoid cartilage  Adducts vocal folds (especially important for medial compression of vocal folds) Arytenoid Muscle  On posterior surface of arytenoid cartilages  Oblique arytenoid muscle  Originate at muscular process of one arytenoid cartilage and insert into apex of opposite cartilage  Contribute to medial compression of vocal folds  Transverse arytenoid muscle  Originate at lateral margin of one arytenoid cartilage and insert into lateral margin of other Thyroarytenoid Muscle  Thyrovocalis (Vocalis)  Adjacent to vocal ligament  Thyromuscularis  Lateral to vocalis  Regulates longitudinal tension of vocal fold  Alone, TA relaxes vocal folds  Opposed, TA tenses vocal folds Cricothyroid Muscle  Origin at arch of cricoid cartilage  2 part insertion into thyroid cartilage  Pars oblique (inferior horn of thyroid cartilage)  Pars recta (thyroid lamina)  Decreases distance between angle of thyroid and arch of cricoid cartilage  Increases tension on vocal folds Posterior Cricoarytenoid Muscle  Origin at posterior surface of cricoid lamina  Inserts into muscular process of arytenoid cartilage  Abducts vocal folds (arytenoid cartilages rocks) Innervation-Vagus Nerve fig-extensiveness of the vagus nerve as it travels throughout the body External Muscles Suprahyoid Muscles  Digastric muscle  Stylohyoid muscle  Mylohyo
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