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Lecture 10

LING 3P90 Lecture 10: 10

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Carolyn Windsor

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LING 3P90 Lecture 10: Intervention for Narrative Language
-you will be able to describe narrative language decits seen in kids with LI
-you will be able to describe techniques from improving kids comprehension and
production of narratives
Intro to Narratives
-Narrative: extended unit of text
-events are linked temporally (Did something and THEN did this) and
causally/organized and
-requires awareness of listeners need’s (have to give enough info that the
listener understands
the context of your words)
Why Assess Narrative Skills
-essential for continuity of personal memory, encoding of experiences, and social
and cultural connection
-a major prerequisite language skill for adequate reading and writing development
-a test of the productive application of syntactic and semantic skills in functional
communicative contexts
-a primary early form of extended discourse/taking a sustained turn=
decontextualized language with more complex syntactic forms
What Aspects of narrative to assess?
1. What makes for a well-formed narrative?
-thematic coherence on the macro-level of plot and episode organization
-linguistic cohesion or connectivity at the micro-level of NPs and clauses and their
interrelationships across the discourse
-appropriate elaboration of the di3erent points of view of the characters
2. What specic features of these properties of a well-formed narrative can be easily
scored and will translate directly into intervention?
Causes of Narrative Breakdown
-linguistic di5culties
-unaware of narrative frame or script
-narrative frame: mental model of storey structure (need to know who “he”
refers to etc)
-script: typical predictable event sequences based on experience (need to
know what a narrative
consists of: beginning, middle, end etc)
-social communication decits (the kid doesn’t understand that you might have
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