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Religious, Political, and Social Change at the Beginning of the High Middle Ages The Norman Conquest The Bayeux Tapestry LEC 6

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Medieval and Renaissance Studies
Andre Basson

MARS 1F90 Lecture 6Lecture OutlineReligious Political and Social Change at the Beginning of the High Middle AgesThe Norman ConquestThe Bayeux TapestryMake sure you know the unfamiliar names terms and dates that are highlightedHigh middles Ages beginFrom late antiquity to the late middle ages Europe was in a state of chaos people moved away from cities they became ghost towns the dark ages Then Charlemagne comes along and tries to bring back the roman empire then the high middle ages begin and things begin to move again life returns to the cities1IntroductionaImportant changes in Europe around 1000 CEbThese changes includediIncrease in the population improved technology in agriculturemore better harvests more food is available which means people are healthier so they reproduce better and children live longer as welliiEconomic expansion improvesiiiTechnological advancesivDevelopment of more popular forms of ChristianityvAll over western Europe there were signs that the dark ages were over Popular forms of Christian experience pop up ordinary people started becoming more devoted2Religious changes three major religions small towns and villages people on the surface are Christian but more in are pagan practices dating from preChristian times Christianitys been there for many yearsaBeginning of the High Middle Ages most people belonged to Christian Muslim or Jewish faithbByzantine and Latin Christianity would become Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic respectivelycVast changes were sweeping through the Church in the West see textbook pp 187193 and 252255iGregorian Reform papal supremacy was the major issue causing problems with the west
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