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Richard Brown

November 7- PHIL lecture. -“cycle of opposites” argument -everything that has an opposite Reciprocity must exist. -someone comes to being alive  dead (dying) -dead  alive (being born) -we must expect reciprocity if nature is imperfect. -without reciprocity? Assumptions? - First, There will never be a time when nothing will be alive. -Second, there is no spontaneous generation (ex nihilo nihil fit) -Thirdly, if the living has some other origin than the dead, it would be exhausted and everything would be dead. - In a closed process, where the living become the dead or the dead become the living, even though it is limited, it is never the less infinite due to reciprocity. -“Socrates is dead” means? - in the process of demonstrating that the soul is immortal and therefore it never dies. The soul that leaves Socrates body is his soul, but the human being we knew is dead. His soul takes no personal memories of Socrates, it only has knowledge of the forms. The next incarnation will be appropriate to his moral work. Rejuvenation -something comes to be older having being younger and does so through the process of aging. -reciprocal process: something comes to be younger from having being older through the process of rejuvenation. -in theory we can go from older to younger but in reality we cannot. Time actually prevents us from going backwards and forces us to go forwards and forces us to always get older; getting younger is only appearance. another problem with reciprocity Cycle of opposites in sum: -everything that has an opposite comes to be from its op
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