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Lecture 2

KINE 2P41 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Canadian Tire, National Health Insurance, Melanoma

Physical Education and Kinesiology
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Jarold Cosby

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Dening health
Dening health promoon
Health promoon: individuals clashing with society
Health Canada
"According to your mission and vision, Health Canada's goal is for Canada to be among the
countries with the healthiest people in the world"
oRelies on high-quality scienc research as the basis for their work
oConducts ongoing consultaons with Canadians to determine how to best meet their
long-term health care needs
oCommunicates informaon about disease prevenon to protect Canadians from
avoidable risks
oEncourages Canadians to take an acve role in their health, such as increasing their level
of physical acvity and eang well
Do you accept Health Canada's vison as a member of this country?
oWhat do you do to realize this vision of a healthy society?
oPeople are not dying from pneumonia anymore?
Takes about 70$ to make someone live
oFrom 1900-2000:
huge decline in illness caused by germs/infecon
Huge increase in illness caused by lifestyle factors
oShould society provide us with ways to combat infecons?
Should we help addicons
Should we help people who are obese
Should we help people who are alcoholic
Should we do things to improve the health of everyone? Even lifestyle diseases?
Health Canada says yes
Accident vs choice
No one chooses to have an infecon
Does anyone choose to become addicted to food, cigare<es, or
By 2020, 70% of death in the world will be caused by
Stroke, Heart disease, Diabetes, and Cancers
All these deaths could be avoided with proper nutrion,
exercise, and preventave treatments by healthcare providers
World Health Organizaon
"Health: a state of physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease
or inrmity"
oHealth is not the absence of illness
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