PEKN 2P91 Lecture 2

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Physical Education and Kinesiology
Cathy Van Ingen

Part 1 Colonial life PEKN 2P91 Lecture 2 and finish with hunting history quizEarly colonial life and physical culture1600s and 1700sFirst time Europeans and Natives metcontactLots of exchange and tradeCultural sharing but also conflictSignificant natives taught Europeans how to survive on the landNative shared survival skills physical skills on the land for survival canoeing snowshoeing travel skills etcDepicted aboriginals of savages but yet they saved these Europeans AssesIncludes sharing skills with coureurs de bois runners of the woods middle men of the twoEx European physical cultural life in Canada New FrancePainter did realistic paintings of the life but romanticized them seemed better than wasColonization of lower Canada 1600s and 1700s especially in St Lawrence corridor in Montreal QuebecThere were attempts to extend power of French monarchy political and social system directed from France French directed to hereSeigneurial systemsystem of land holdings based on mainly French feudal estate systemPlots of landparallel with water with land close in communities everyone had access to water community based around tracks of landSeigneurslandholdersHabitantsresident house dweller and worked landHarsh time to make a living and farmingCatholic church had a problem people in harsh times worked hard and drank harsh booze went to dances with girlsnot allowed now disliked behaviours
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