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POLISCI Key Figures

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Political Science
Ingrid Makus

JeanJacques Rousseau France 17121788 Natural as human beings the state of natures a state where human being are in their natural stateAll human beings have natural pity and natural compassion A reluctance to see another sentient being sufferA sentient being is any creature that can feel painThe further we get from the state of nature the more we tend to let this natural pity and compassion diminish We use our human reason to detach ourselves from other human beingsThe more advanced a civil society becomes the more we establish inequality within civilized societyPrivate property corrupts us because it establishes a system where the wealth make laws neglecting the poorThe poor should not be so poor that they sell their bodily labour The wealthy should not be enough to afford to pay for bodily labour The general will is was is generally good for all of society and is what should govern society RousseauGovernment contractGeneral WillGovernment should be based on a contract that allows citizens to put General Will above personal interestThree More Major FiguresKey focus on leadership and property PlatoLockeMarxPlato Greek 424347 BCEYou cannot be a just person if you do not live in a just societyA just society is one that is ruled by the philosopher kingThe philosophy k
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