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Political Parties

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Political Science
Paul Hamilton

POLIF90 Monday January 16 2012 Liberal Party Convention y Legalize marijuana 77 in favour y Open leadership election to all Canadians y Elected new party President y Motion to abolish Monarchy defeated y Primary like US system idea rejected Functions of Parties y Leadership selection o Who chooses the leaderAn elitist group within the party or is there an involvement with the general public y Candidate recruitment and nomination o Parties might look for a local celebrity who will garner many votes for the party y Electoral campaigning o Expensivebroadcast media internet polling experts strategists y Social o Potentially parties also serve a more communal purposeuniting likeminded people y Educational o Party literature can be propagandist and biased so we need to be weary of its accuracyLeadership SelectionCrucialy Public face of party media communication o Need for a charismatic leader that people want to follow someone they can relate with needed for party success y Enormous influence on policy y Unites party caucushow do they appeal to the mass while being true to party values y Motivate grass roots and raiseo eg Bill Clintons popularity may help Obamas chances of being elected y US election cost 53 billion twice 04 y Obama raised 742 million y McCain raised 367 million o In addition to great personal and political qualities youre also looking for a great moneyraiser Choosing Leaders y In the past many parties have selected leaders from within party caucus United Kingdom o Closed leadership contest y Trend toward leadership convention and universal member voting UMV
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