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Brock University
Political Science
Bozidar Mitrovic

Thursday September 20 , 2012h Political Science lecture 3: Ideology and Political Philosophy: Tuesday September 25, 2012 Slide 1 Politcal ideas and ideologies: - political ideologies are reasonably consistent sytems of political belifs that explain the world, justify/critique power relations and finally maintain or transform social system (p.g 149 textbook) - often anchored in work of political philosophers (marx-marxism) - about what ought to be, not just what is Slide 2 Picture of Karl Marxs grave Slide 3 Picture of The communist world - all the countries are connected Slide 4 Picture Slide 5 Picture Castro Slide 6 picture of John Locke - as influential as Karl Marx - as influential as Adam Smith - had the idea of liberalism and negative rights Slide 7 Picture of Two Treatises of Government by John Locke Slide 8 Picture of Margaret Thatcher - owned lots of industry owned by the parliament Slide 9 Why do we study political theory?: - these ideas shape modern ideologies - Locke and Montesquieu influenced the US Constitution - Rousseau inspired the French revolution - Nietzche had impact on Germany - Sayyid Qutb (1906-1966) elaborated the basis of contemporary Islamism (Muslim brotherhood ect.) Slide 10 Picture of President of Egypt - part of the Muslim brotherhood - was the only one in his party to get into parliament Slide 11 Left-Right distinction (French Revolution) Left Right - Idealism - Realist - Equality of result - hierarchy - human good - humans flawed - progress - conserve tradition -if we didn’t have a state we would violence all the time (humans are flawed) Slide 11 Canadian Political Parties: - Left: new democratic party, Marxist-Leninist - Center: Liberals - Right: conservatives - Others: Greens, Bloc Quebecois, Christian Heritage, Marijuana Party - Left-right dimension does not capture whole political spectrum Slide 12 Left-Right continuum: (attitude toward State) ON DYCK PAGE 158 Slide 13 Ideas matter: - think of impact of Karl Marx - how we conceive of fundamentals determines how we conduct politics - Fundamental: what is human nature? - Do individuals ha
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