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Lecture 11

POLI 2F30 Lecture 11: POLI 2F30 - 11

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Political Science
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Sanjay Jeram

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Friday, October 30 2015 POLI 2F30 Lecture 11 *Next week no seminar work on your paper!* Authoritarianism and Democratic Breakdown 1.Theocracy a.State controlled by religious leader andor rule according to strict religious rules b.Iran c.1979 revolution d.Some democratic processes but strictly regulated within religious context e.Limited individual freedoms f.Saudi arabia: women cant drive unless given permission by male relatives 2.Personalistic dictatorships a.No attempt to control every aspect of life b.Also called sultanism c.Idi Amin in Uganda d.President Niyazov of Turkmenistan (19852006) 3.Bureaucratic authoritarian a.Org
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