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Monday September 23rd 2013 Poli 2Q98 Lecture 3

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Political Science
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Blayne Haggart

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Monday September 23 2013 rd Poli 2Q98 Lecture 3: Politics and public Administration in Canada - what do you know about your topic - outline the topic you are going to pick “the paper will investigate this” - introduction (pretend no one knows what the topic is) - central argument “my paper will argue this” - two things you hope to show with this paper - can use subheadings - use 2 academic peer reviewed sources (books, journal articles) o Canadian public administration o Canadian journal of political science - Should be 4-5 pages long, 12 font - Always double spaced - Referencing style doesn’t matter (Chicago style) - MLA author, date, page number - Work Cited Page - What do we already know - Why do we want to know - What do we want to know Slide 1: What is Public Admin? - “the study and practice of tasks associates with the conduct of the administrative state” - “the coordination of individual group efforts to carry out public policy” - “use of managerial, political and legal theories and processes to fulfill legislative, executive and judicial governmental mandates for the provision regulatory and service functions for the society as a whole or for some segments of it” - looks at system of authority - provision of service – delivery of mail, maintenance of roads and highways - support of Canadian culture - where it is safe to eat and why - enforcing regulations Slide 2: Comparing public and private administration - service v. profit - the question of efficiency - accountability and openness - human resource management - the question of public goods - doesn’t lead to good service (public and private) - public sector isn’t efficient o only have one goal o not bogged down with questions of unity o via rail o incentive to work efficiently - accountability o tax payers o so sunshine list for private o no accountability for private sector - HRM o More complicated in public sector o Much harder to hire in the public sector o Harder to get fired as well o Public sector is highly unionized, how work is to be dished out, what discipline looks like o Should be reflective of what they are trying to serve (public sector) o Elevated level of complexity - Public Goods: o Goods when provided benefit all members of society o Provided by the government, cannot be provided by market activity o National defense o Pollution controls o Don’t generate money (stop sign) Slide 3: The current environment of public administration - globalization o the spreading of finical and manufacturing capital o to help local companies be asserted into a global economy o remain competitive o must provide conditions for national firms to be competitive o get reverse pressure on the state, pressure from cultural capital, less Canadian content (more foreign competition) o puts pressure on services and state - technological change o stain on the public sector o computers have had a dramatic effect on public admin o emails o twitter o easier to communicate with government o front line workers can make better decisions o deals with privacy and accountability o always almost linked to job loss - changing political culture o challenges on public admin o acceptance of the Canadian state, less and less trust of the state o more consultation on public issues o more time for the discussion of public policy o lengthier public policy - the financial position of the state o becoming an issue for governments o debt reduction is a policy issue for every single government o many governments
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