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Popular Culture and Consumption: Part 2

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Brock University
Popular Culture
Scott Henderson

PCUL1F92 Section 1 Thursday November1711PokmonGlobalization Consumption and Popular Culture Video of Pokmon Rap Power of PokmonIts peak years are between 1996 and 2001Economically it had a significant contribution to Japans economyoJapan in midst of harsh postbubble recessionoEconomic woes combined with national selfdoubtGlobal SuccessPokmon success makes Japan a key player in the realm of global popular cultureAnime had been a niche category a marginal aspectSuccess of Pokmon suggests that Japan can rival the US as creator of global cultureAlso coincides with a new boom in gaming culture that culminates in a new generation of consoles Wii PS3 XboxKubo MasakuzuDeveloper of Pokmon Comic Books and FilmsThere has never been a game that has spread so broadly around the world and gone beyond race language values and religionIn the sense of its international commonness and the spectacular speed as well as breadth of its worldwide circulation we could say that the phenomenon of Pokmon is unprecedented in human historyWhat is it about its simplicity from a childhood level that allows it to have this global reachBy August 2003 total worldwide profit was 15 billionPokmon and the Child ConsumerReaffirms childrens role as consumersChildren are the target market of Pokmon productsJames McNeal being a child consumer isnt an accident in our society its a requirementAll the skills knowledge and behaviour patterns that together we call consumer behaviour are purposely taught to our children
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