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Popular Culture and Consumption: Part 3

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Brock University
Popular Culture
Scott Henderson

PCUL1F92 Section 1 Tuesday November2211 Continued from last lecturePostIndustrial ChildhoodContemporary childhood anxietiesThe impact of the postindustrialNotion that we live in a globalized world filled with technologyoFilled with contemporary anxieties how do you address children in this worldPokmon idealizes early childhood time with ties to nature and a rural pastoMystical placean idealized version of nature that is concurrently technological Mastery and AgencyChildren have a mastery over the Pokmon environmentKids can gather an incredible number of facts about the way this world worksoeg How to play the card game Image of Pikachu Pokmon card Mastery of TechnologyPokmon also involves technology and the mastery of that technologyoeg Adding to your Pokedex use of certain Pokeballs to catch certain PokemonTamagotchi offered a similar feeling of mastery Image of a Tamagotchi Gives users a sense of control over the environment and a place within itChildrens LanguageWhen you speak to children and want them to understand speak their language get down to their level what are their interests and concerns James McNeal with paraphrase by Professor HendersonPokmon was easy to pick up even at younger ageIt had a very simple premise that rewarded perseverance
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