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PSYC 1F90 Lecture Notes - Age Of Enlightenment, Meritocracy

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John Mitterer

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January 12 and 13, 2012
CHYS 1F90, Part 2
Professor Rebecca Raby
Office Hours:
Thursdays 2-3pm
Fridays 2-3pm
Or by appointment
Professor John McNamara
Office hours: Wednesdays 12-1pm
I/ Organizational shifts
Reading responses
How they are similar:
-Must hand in five, but can hand in a sixth
-5% of final grade
How they are different
-No separate lecture and seminar readings
-More student-led, critical engagement
-Quote, comparison, question – shifting by seminar and by week (sheet on Sakai)
-Maximum of 200 words
-Must hand in two before the midterm!
Midterm assignment: Due March 1st and 2nd
Final exam: same structure as last term
Powerpoint notes Wednesdays by 8pm
Sakai discussion
II/ Content shifts
New sets of lenses
A socio-cultural perspective
• Disciplinary influences
• Context
• Social policy/action
•Critical lens
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