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CHYS 1F90 Lecture Notes - Meritocracy

Child and Youth Studies
Course Code
Rebecca Raby

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January 10, 2013
Professor Rebecca Raby
Office Hours:
Tuesdays 11-12 (in office)
Thursdays 11-12 (on-line)
Or by appointment Organizational shifts
Reading responses
-No separate lecture and seminar readings
-Reading package and Schissel
-More student-led, critical engagement
-Quote, comparison, evaluation shifting by seminar and by week (sheet on Sakai)
-Maximum of 200 words
-One response and the quiz before the reading week!
Week 5: mini quiz response in seminar
1. Modernism
2. Critical theory
3. Ideology
4. Social constructionism
5. Discourse
6. Roll Again! Content shifts
New sets of lenses
A socio-cultural perspective
Prioritizing context
-How do experiences of childhood, adolescence and youth change by context?
-How does our thinking about what childhood, adolescence and youth are about
change by context?
Critical lens
-What do diverse lenses tell us about childhood and youth?
-How are childhood and youth complicated by class, gender, culture, etc?
-How do some people benefit more than others over certain understandings of
childhood, youth and adulthood?
Social policy/action
-How do social institutions and policy reflect beliefs about young people and shape their
-How can we make broader change for the better?
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