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Cathy Mondloch

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2P12 February 7 The World of Young Children Check textbook for: - Motor development Physical development - Cephalocaudal Principle? - Growth influences cognitive and social development o Poverty affecting development o Nutrition and long term impacts - Costs of obesity o Early 1990s, less than 5% of children would be considered overweight; currently, ~15% are overweight o Social costs in school o Self efficacy Jean Piaget (1896-1980) - Most influence theorist in field of cognitive development - Based many of his ideas on what he observed in his own children - Revolutionized the way we view children - 4 stages of development; two taking place in childhood Preoperational (2-7 years) - Defined largely by what children cannot do - Difficultly mentally manipulating items they see in the real world o Conservation Tasks  Given two things that are identical, then right in front of you, do a transformation (i.e. spread out pennies, switch glasses)  They cannot conserve volume o Reversibility  Reversing the change to show the original format; undoing the transformation (i.e. pouring the water back into the shorter glass, or moving the pennies closer together o Centration  Centered on one dimension (a short, fat glass vs. a tall, skinny glass, or moving pennies closer and further apart) - Characterized by: o Animistic thinking  When the child thinks that inanimate objects can behave, or
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