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Brock University
Melissa St Germaine- Small

SOCI 2P20 October 31, 2013 Cross-cultural difference: One example: Danish vs. American teens - Not same ambiguity over ‘no means no’ - Ok not to want to or feel like - Alcohol-use not seen as stimulant or precursor to having sex - Parents and teens emphasized responsibility over love - Becoming sexual part of normal development Attitudes toward sex? - Argument that North America is not a sex positive society - Still overly-repressive attitudes toward sex and sexuality..the titillating to the shamefuk - Sexual connotations all around – up front but still hidden away - How to learn about sex in positive, healthy ways…what is ‘IT’? - Lack of attention to aspects of emotional connection and sexual intimacy - Communication about ‘performance’ and pleasure e.g. orgasms - Consent and – ok kinky vs. deviant kinky eg. Fifty Shades of Gray o Level of desire – how often? Vampies as cultural expression – brief history - Vampires and horror themes reflection of cultural-social norms - Bram Stoker’s Dracula – 1800s = Victorian - Challenging prevailing social norms e.g. premarital sex, group sex, homoeroticism - Gendered portrayals = Women = binary ‘good’ virtuous and restrains desire vs. ‘bad’ exercises sexual agency Vampires as cultural expression - contemporary examples - Current cultural context and popularity of vampire related TV series and movies - Consider ‘ratings’ e.g. Twilight to Vampire Diaries to True Blood - Different character motivations - What constitutes ‘PG’ to ‘restricted’? - Exten to whch uhold vs. transgress social norms… Explring the Twilight series – Diamond (2011)lity - Allows for relatively ‘safe’ exploration of sexuality - Supernatural vs. human - Themes of restraint and desires - Hetereosexual, racialized, gendered o e.g. ‘Wildness’ = Jacob Black = Native American werewolf - series recasts ‘Beauty and the Beast’ fairytale from 1700s - historical norms of young beinng married off to much older, “beastly” men o romant
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