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Sara Cumming

What meaning does that sentence have to you? Qualitative data analysis challenges - Textual o Transcripts, field notes, documents, video, pictures - Cumbersome o Impossible to remember everything inside of it - Guidelines - On-going o Need to connect the cases to eachother o Show wider significance o How it relates - Not mechanical o Analysis is ongoing Content analysis - Inferences via systematic coding - Technique for making inferences by systematically coding information - Can be done to any type of data, including interview trandscripts, videos - Counting and categorizing o Count the amount something occurs - Distinguish levels of content o Manifest  Literal or surface meaning within the content  E.g. if you use this toothpaste you’ll get white teeth o Latent  Deep and abstract meaning  E.g white teeth gives you sex appeal Applying content analysis - What aspects of the dvision of household labour interest you? - How prevalent are those aspects in the data? o E.g. gender? Culture? Paid work? Time availability? o What are you going to pay attention to? E.g. what do women do, what do men do - Its not just about counting who has traditional labour (numbers don’t matter) o Goal is to develop the meaning behind it and develop interesting categories and patterns that emerge - Just the preliminary findings Grounded theory - Anslem Strauss and Barney Glaser (1967) o Analytical method by which theory is derived from data o You let the data tell you o Iterative process  Data collection and analysis perceive together o Inductive process  Moving from specific to generic  General pattern of order in society o Constant comparison  Comparing the data and the concepts  See similarities when you go through multiple times  Constantly comparing concepts with your data o *Open coding  Assign labels  Line by line  Avoid coding what you want to code  Interpretive but grounded  Non-standarized  Precise or general
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